Design: Aesthetic Principals

We admire and endeavor to follow these ten aesthetic principals from Japan:

  • Kanso: Eliminate clutter and express things in plain and simple ways.
  • Fukinsei: Use asymmetry or irregularity to achieve balance.
  • Shibui: Understate and don’t elaborate.
  • Shizen: Depict naturalness with the absence of pretense and artificiality.
  • Yugen: Use subtle and symbolic suggestion rather than obviousness.
  • Datsuzoku: Transcend habit, formula, and conventionality.
  • Seijaku: Achieve a state of tranquility and energized calm.
  • Wa: Embody harmony and balance avoiding self-assertion.
  • Ma: Provide an emptiness, spatial void, or silence to provide a focal point.
  • Yohaku-no-bi: Appreciate the beauty of what is implied, unstated, and unexpressed.