Steve Pribyl, Principal

Steve Pribyl graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1980. Rice focuses on the theory of architecture, with ample doses of architectural history, structural design and mechanical systems. Steve moved to California and was licensed as an architect shortly thereafter. His employment history includes several small architectural firms, a landscape architecture firm, and HOK (a large firm) and Prats/Coffee, Inc, a design-build firm. He worked with the design-build firm for approximately twenty years, during which time numerous traditionally-constructed and fast-track projects were completed. His experience there formed the basis for dbaArchitects, which he founded in 2002.

On Monday nights he can usually be found at the Celtic Arts Center in North Hollywood ceili dancing and playing in the irish session. He rounds out the night with Uillean pipes in his lap and a glass of Guinness is in his hand.