Design Elements: Dancing Compasses

I named this drawing “Dancing Compasses.” It is useful as a relatively simple representation of pure design. It contains many elements that dbaArchitects’ uses in design:

  • Pattern: The elements set up a pattern (of two “legs”) and then break it. The two legs don’t need to be parts of a compass but just design elements.
  • Humor: The compasses seem to be dancing or, at least, posing.
  • The sum is more than the whole of its parts: The pieces come together and represent a chorus line or something similar to letters in a word.
  • Simplicity: The elements are all very simple: black and white images, forms of two or three elements each, similar scale items.
  • Complexity: Taken together they become some kind of prickly-rounded-sliding-hinging assembly.
  • Repetition: Individual elements gain justification by repetition.

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