Why do architects like black?


Black is compatible with almost any color. It even goes with black. So any color (except some shades of brown) pants can be worn with a black shirt, or any color shirt (except some shades of brown) can be worn with black pants. Color coordination is a “no-brainer”. A little black dress can be worn almost anywhere. Steve Jobs always wore a black turtleneck shirt for his presentations. His clothes neutralized his body as a presence and allowed the audience to focus on his art and not on him. It’s also the easiest choice to make in the morning when selecting attire.

Some could argue that black, then, seems to be used to avoid making a commitment. But selecting black instead of selecting a “color” is actually making a very bold statement.

It’s also the color of solemnity and mourning. So it must be used wisely, lest something appear completely inappropriate. A black hearst seems completely natural, yet a black house would probably appear quite eccentric.

An architect is the pencil on the canvas of the city.

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