Shipping Container Cladding Competition

  • dbaArchitects' entry was recognized with an "Honorable Mention."
  • Steel bars with dowels that extend horizontally every 3-4" are attached to the face of the steel containers. These will be fabricated in a factory. Bamboo poles are secured to the face of existing shipping containers via tie-downs. The bamboo poles can be sourced locally or shipped from a grower. Nylon ties are used to secure the poles between the knobs. This allows for variation in the size of poles that are used.
  • This system is flexible and can clad any size shipping container, as well as stacked containers. The poles can be full height or stacked if longer poles are not available. Windows can be accommodated by judicious placement of the tie-downs above and below the openings. The top of the bamboo can be trimmed in any number of ways, allowing for some customization.
  • Multiple containers in an area will feel more like they are helping to create a sense of "place" rather than just being dropped into a landscape. This cladding system addresses the macro scale by creating a pleasing texture on the surface of the containers when viewed from a distance. It also addresses the micro scale: the variation in the bamboo and the beauty of variation in the once-living material has an entirely different effect when experienced close-up.