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I entered other competitions on jovoto, but my expectations shifted as I realized more and more that winning was less a matter of how good a project you do and more a matter of who you “schmooze” with. There was an implied “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” attitude between creatives, which essentially¬†lead to traded votes. Jovoto’s methodology is to let everyone see all the submittals during a submittal period that can last from three to six weeks. They encourage creatives to critique each others’ entries during the submittal phase. So they are voting for (or against) their competitors. It’s obvious that some of the creatives alter their submissions to comply with suggestions by others, and this is, in fact, encouraged by jovoto, in their attempt to have a collaborative global community. But it is not a true competition by any stretch of the imagination.

There are many excellent entries on the site, but frequently, the best entries do not win. I am not the only person with this complaint. It’s a well-recognized and ongoing problem that is frequently discussed in the forum.¬†I suspect that many of the sponsors are looking for creative entries, but they are also looking for entries that will be popular. It is a popularity contest and the sponsors know it. Many of the projects are about consumer goods, logos, identity, etc. All things that sponsors want to be popular, if not necessarily the best design.

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