History and Philosophy of the Firm


Steve Pribyl, principal, was employed by Prats/Coffee, Inc., a design-build firm, for approximately twenty years. Mike Coffee, one of the partners of Prats/Coffee, Inc. retired from the business of architecture in 2002.  Since the company was dissolving, Steve was faced with a decision to either look for another employer or to start his own firm. With the support of Mike Coffee and the desire to continue relationships with existing clients, he decided to start dbaArchitects in 2002, which became a corporation shortly thereafter.


The firm remained in Culver City, but has changed locations several times while we were looking for the ideal space. They were in temporary quarters until 2005 when Kevan Lynd, another architect, and Steve found their current location on Willat Avenue. It was the home of a printing company before their occupancy, and there were several layers of paint on the walls and floor. They gutted the space, sandblasted the walls and ceiling, and covered part of the floor with industrial carpet. The tables were constructed by Kevan, Steve, and their employees at the time.

After ten years at the Willat address, the firm has relocated to Eagle Rock, and shares a building with several other architects.


dbaArchitects has always been a “small” firm, with no more than a few employees at a time. Steve prefers to maintain high quality by having several like-minded individuals rather than a larger firm which would require more “management”. They have the capability and the history of associating with another firm when the size of a project would best be served by having more manpower.

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