$300 House Challenge

Requirements from Design a simple dwelling to be constructed for under $300 to keep it’s occupants safe from the weather, allows them to sleep, and gives them a home and a sense of dignity. Factors to address: regionalism, sustainability, cost and replicability. Affordable housing: Self-built or self-improvable: that lowers the cost and works to reduce the potential for corruption. Low-tech: We want the dwellers themselves to build or improve or expand their house, as this will generate income for them and reduce the risk of value capture by landlords and rent-seekers. Local materials, preferably those that can be found or bought very cheaply. Build greener, cheaper and encourage sustainable homes and communities. Replicable.

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Chef's Residence Remodel

A chef and his wife in Culver City wanted to remodel their compact house to focus on the kitchen, dining area and entry, which included some remodel of the bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Extensive 3d-visualization was used to present various ideas to the owners.

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$99K House Competition

A competition for a $99,000 house for the third ward in Houston, TX. The octagonal form with a flat roof is a very efficient shape for enclosing a given volume, requiring the smallest amount of construction materials and therefore resulting in the smallest surface area through which heat loss will occur. Any materials that are used should come from renewable sources. See more description on slide #8.

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