Morphing House

This tiny morphing house was designed on the premise that you only use one type of space at a time. When used for “living”, the sleeping and dining furniture is hidden away. When used for “dining”, the living and sleeping furniture is hidden away. And when used for “sleeping”, the living and dining furniture is hidden away. The kitchen, the bathroom, and the porch are the always available. The glazed gaps between the modules provide a sense that the different spaces are separate as well as provide a feeling that the house has been dropped into a landscape that permeates the skin. The front porch acts as an extension of the interior living space. A tiny house need not feel “tiny”.

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Malibu Surf Apartments

This remodel to the exterior and interiors of an existing apartment building on the ocean was done with a nautical theme in mind. A new seawall was installed at the ocean-side property line.

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Montana & Euclid: Retail, Multifamily Residential

This complex project includes retail at the ground floor, apartments on the second floor and parking in the rear and below grade. We also designed the adjacent four-unit condominium building to the south for the same developer. These projects were done in conjunction with Prats/Coffee, Inc. Images are from Google Earth.

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