Hollywood Hills Addition

About 1000 s.f. was added to this 1900 s.f. existing house in the Hollywood Hills by reclaiming space under the existing structure. A new deck and pool are also being added. This project is in plan check (Spring 2017).

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Butler Houses

dbaArchitects and Kevan Lynd, Architect conspired to design two large houses on a single lot in Los Angeles for a developer. They include spacious rooms, high ceilings, and roof decks. They are currently under construction (Spring 2017).

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House on Berryman

This single-story house is being remodeled. A Master Bedroom suite is being added toward the back and the rear yard is made more useable with the removal of an existing free-standing garage which is being replaced with a single car garage and carport attached to the house. A front porch extends the living space outside.

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