Marriott 2022

Requirements from Develop the hotel guestroom experience that might exist ten years from now. Break through traditional approaches and create a physical space based upon what you imagine are the wants and needs of the traveler in 2022 and beyond.

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Luxury Packaging for Premium Rice Competition

Requirements from Develop packaging for the luxury rice edition “Reisrarität” (Rice Rarities). Create packaging design in keeping with the values of the small, exquisite range of four exclusive rice varieties. Consumers must be able to recognize that all four types come from the ORYZA product family. The packaging should have as low a weight as possible with the highest possible stability. It must be possible to comfortably and practically remove the rice from the packet and it should be re-sealable. The packaging must enable consumers to see the rice inside.

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Me and All Hotels: Connecting Me and All Competition

Requirements from Develop ideas for digital services to network the guests of “me and all hotels”, both with one another and with their city. The technological potential should be exhausted in order to appeal to and network (business) travelers and the communities from the city. Develop ideas for the existing technical infrastructure: a) Personal devices of the hotel visitors (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.); b) Planned technical equipment of the “me and all hotels”, in particular a media wall, touch tables for group work and workstations for individual work. Important aspects are the networking of the hotel guests amongst one another, the city and urban locals.

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