Shipping Container Cladding Competition

Shipping containers are visually gruff, they have unpleasant proportions, and they are generally left to deteriorate in the elements. A SIMPLE AND ECONOMIC SOLUTION: Modulate the surface of the container with a pleasing scale and texture by wrapping it with bamboo poles. This will also modulate the light that hits the surface of the container by filtering it between the bamboo poles. In addition, the bamboo screen provides shade for the steel, which will reduce the interior temperature of the containers. This will add delight, variation, human scale, layers, and humor to what is now generally accepted as causing a blight upon the landscape. Bamboo is renewable, inexpensive, fast-growing, has world-wide availability, and is a natural material.

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Porto's Cafe and Bakery, Burbank

An existing drug store was remodeled into the Burbank location of Porto’s Cafe and Bakery. The ground floor included a bakery and cafe, and a partial second floor was added to accommodate business offices. Porto’s is notoriously busy, so of prime importance was dealing with the crowds and lines of people that are waiting to order and pay. The primary functions were split up into bakery, cafe and coffee “stations”.

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Marriott Restaurant Competition

Requirements from Design a restaurant interior that can physically transform into a new mood, shape, function, staging, lighting, attitude, and size. The concept should either transform the whole space or create distinctive areas that house micro concepts or distinct zones within the bigger space. Provide a strong sense of coherence and harmony to the design. Think of it as a set design for a theater production. The physical elements are quickly rearranged to create a whole new setting and environment. Through simple sliding, flipping, rolling and turning, the space should have the ability to create new settings or a completely new environment.

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