Phases of an Architectural Project

This article outlines the typical phases of an architectural project through the permitting process. In very simple projects, the phases are abbreviated or overlap and the distinctions between phases are less obvious. In complex projects, the phases also can overlap, especially when there is a short timetable. The phases outlined

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Architecture & Construction: Pribyl's 1st Law

Besides being the name of a song by Meatloaf, this is a basic reality of construction. For construction of a project, you can get two out of the following three, never all three:

Inexpensive * Fast * Good

Inexpensive + Good

This is possible, but at the expense

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How much will it cost?

“How much will it cost?” is one of the first questions we usually hear. Cost depends on many factors from the price of lumber (which can fluctuate greatly) to how busy a contractor is. My twenty years of employment at a design-build firm has given me great insight into how

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