Design Elements: Dancing Compasses

Dancing Compasses represents the essence of dbaArchitects’ design: It embodies the following design elements:
Repetition: Elements gain justification by repetition.
Pattern: Sets up a pattern and then breaks it. Can be a pure design, even if you don’t recognize the compasses as tools in their own right.
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The Name

I was employed by Prats/Coffee, Inc., a design build firm, for approximately twenty years. Mike Coffee, one of the partners of Prats/Coffee, Inc. retired from the business of architecture in 2002. Since the company was dissolving, I was faced with a decision to either look for another employer or

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Design: Aesthetic Principals

We admire and endeavor to follow these ten aesthetic principals from Japan:
Kanso: Eliminate clutter and express things in plain and simple ways.
Fukinsei: Use asymmetry or irregularity to achieve balance.
Shibui: Understate and don’t elaborate.

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