Why do architects like black?

Black is an absence of all colors. Black gets out of the way and lets other elements or events take prominence. Yet it can also have a very powerful presence. It’s a conundrum, which makes it appealing. It is complexity and contradiction personified.

I believe that the use of black

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Projects/Competitions on

Several of my projects on the portfolio pages reference As stated on their website, Jovoto is a “playground, training camp and workspace for creative talent from all around the globe. We’re a platform to enable creative excellence through mass collaboration.” Jovoto is a platform that hosts competitions for various

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Design/Website: It's All About Concept

Architectural training teaches the idea of using a parti, or concept, as a unifying guide. This paraphrased definition is from Wikipedia: “A Parti comes from the French Prendre parti, meaning to make a decision. Often referred to as the big idea, it is the chief organizing thought or decision

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