Architecture and Music Alter Your Environment

It is human nature to alter one’s environment. People adjust and modify their environment to create an attractive and comfortable living space or work space. They inevitably furnish and decorate a space to their liking. Perhaps they even hire an architect to help create an exemplary space from scratch. An

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Balancing Function with Aesthetics

The Value of Design

“You are wasting space” is one person’s opinion when they don’t value the nature of the space or the impact that the space can have on a person’s psyche. An architect’s job is to create a space that not only functions well but touches the heart.

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Phases of an Architectural Project

This article outlines the typical phases of an architectural project through the permitting process. In very simple projects, the phases are abbreviated or overlap and the distinctions between phases are less obvious. In complex projects, the phases also can overlap, especially when there is a short timetable. The phases outlined

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